Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lilies Day - 15 and What happened to the last four months?

And the last two buds pop!

Its the !st May.  What has happened to the last four months?  A third of the way through the year.  It is very sunny here, but I see on the weather forecast that some of you still have rain, but things can only improve I'm sure.
This is what happens where I live on the 1st May.  Everyone gets woken up at about 5am by the banging of a drum.  The Horse is blessed and sent on its way through the town.  It travels round the streets collecting money for local charities.

We have completed the length of the garden and we have now got to prickly corner  and the Stinging Nettles got me!  It still hurts but has now gone down!  Tomorrow we cut the grass again and sort the pots!  Then we start on the front garden and that is a whole new different story!


  1. Any dock leaves handy? aren't they supposed to be rubbed over stinging nettle stings?
    Bet its sods law and you haven't got any in your garden. lol

  2. Your garden sorting sounds very organised...though I'm sorry the nettles got painful! Thanks for your comment about the tulips I planted....I am aiming to put in lots more next autumn! Enjoy your gardening....and keep a few dock leaves handy as Briony says!
    Helen x

  3. Four months has flown!! Happy gardening. x

  4. Ouch!!......that nettle rash looks painful, did you try rubbing it with dock leaves, an old wives tale perhaps, but it always works for me.

    It does seem shocking how fast this year is flying by, it seems to speed up every year.
    kim xx

  5. I agree, the year is flying by. When I get nettled at the allotment I use the childhood method of relief - my own saliva and a dock leaf- it seems to work!

  6. Ooh, those nettles are nasty, aren't they Julie?...Wow, your lilies have staying power...they're still going strong!
    Let's hope we have some sunshine at the weekend to spend more time in our gardens...(fingers crossed!)
    Susan x

  7. oohh I hate stinking nettles there horrible and itch for what seems like ever. Have fun this week sorting your garden its great weather for it, dee xxx

  8. Oh, poor you nettle stings are nasty :o( I keep a tube of Germoline 2 handy, but dock leaves work too if you have any.
    You are coming on apace with the garden. I know it's hard work but at least the results are worth it ;o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Rose H

  9. Ouch! that looks painful. Enjoy the sunshine, i hope it lasts for the bank hol.


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