Sunday, 19 May 2013

My friend Jane's birthday

It was my really lovely best friend Jane's birthday today.  So as part of her presents I made her a gooey cake!  The cake is this one.  It has strawberry jam in the middle, and I leveled the top and spread with clotted and strawberries.

We sat in her garden drinking tea and

enjoying the cake.

Before we left I printed and cut all the names

and Jane picked one out for me.

The lucky winner is named..........................


  1. That cake looks extremely yummy! Something I cant resist.

  2. Happy birthday for you friend that cake looks yummy. dee xxx

  3. Yummy!!! that looks so good. Belated birthday wishes to your friend.

  4. I bet your friend is happy to be a friend when you make such delicious cakes to share! x

  5. Happy belated birthday wishes to Jane...your cake looks truly delicious Julie!
    Congratulations to lucky Helen on winning your fab giveaway too!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  6. You're making me hungry again! Sorry it's taken so long to look you up after joining my blog. What great blogs. I've joined It works for I could really do with help in the practical/baking dept. I'll really enjoy following your blogs, although I fear I may put on weight!

  7. that cake looks utterly delish! Sounds like a great afternoon x


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