Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I Went to a Different Kind of Vintage Fair and Your Mother Bought Flowers!

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Once a year my husband travels to Warwick Exhibition Centre to sell vintage radios and record players.  There are a lot of like minded fellows there, mostly male.  There are lots of interesting things for sale like valves, and bits of wire, and gramophone needles.  Believe me its interesting!  I tag along because he tags along with me to the ones I want to go to, its only fair!  I take my knitting and mind the stall which we share with two others while they wander round.  When we arrived at the unearthly hour of  7am  on Sunday morning, the man on the gate asked for tickets. Alex duly handed over the car park ticket and his ticket and the man asked about me....... Alex replied, do you know, I forgot about the wife!  Well really..........!  But I was allowed in without paying.  

This time he took lots of record players.  He sold every single one including the 70's Sony music centre (left of the picture)!  He also sold the Dansette, the one in the middle.  The other one is a 78's only Collaro, and apart from the other  Collaro we have at home, which belonged to Alex's uncle, we have only ever seen one other in a film with John Mills called Waterloo Road.  When we watch films and they have a radio or record player on we try and see what it is.  The contemporary films are OK, its when they make a modern film set in the 40's or the 50's and get it wrong it rankles but that's a whole other blog post!

We stayed with our lovely friends for two nights while we were in Warwick.  On Saturday night they said they would invite Robert and Anneka over as well (our son and partner who live that way too).  We all had a wonderful meal and a chat.  I took a pot plant because they love their garden.

We watched Robert and Anneka drive up, when they stopped Robert went to the back of the car and brought this out!

Robert entertains children with balloon sculptures!  Our friend said your mother bought flowers!


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  1. Fancy hubby forgetting all about you Julie..........sounds like he had a profitable day at the fair, some lovely vintage record players there.
    Kim xx

  2. I love that monkey on a tree! Such a funny and bizarre gift!

  3. hahaha, bet you don't let him forget his "forgetting".
    We had a Dansette, unfortunately we got rid of it in the 70's, think that was my fault.
    Lol at the strange monkey gift.
    Carol xx

  4. What a fab place to visit, all those vintage lovelies! x

  5. How can he forget his wife!! I hope you gave him agood thump lol.
    Well done on the sales.

  6. how could he forget!! Hope you gave him some stick for that - sounds like it was a great weekend though


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