Friday, 3 May 2013

Lilies Day - 17 I had to do it, and there they were gone!

My Lilies are developing brown patches.

Off with their stalks! and I dead headed them, 

and the same with the Carnations

They are now in smaller vases.

We did our usual hour or so in the garden again this afternoon.  We think this maybe the last of the Bindweed, but with Bindweed if you leave the smallest amount in the ground it will grow from the smallest amount of root!  We think this is the main root, but we know there are still bits in the ground because where we have already dug it is growing again.  This stuff goes on forever!

Whilst Alex was tugging at the root

Mr/Mrs Toad crawled out with the root, husband still recovering as this was a bit of a surprise to say the least!  Mean you don't expect to tug a root and something to crawl out with you.....!

Before.................................................two hours later

We knew they we going to cut down the trees at the end of the week (today).  I thought I would take a photo through the window at 7.30 this morning, we breakfasted and went to the farmers market, by 9.30 this morning when we returned.  The tree fellers arrived about 8.30 when we just about to leaving.......................  Its looks rather strange at the moment!  My Bay needs a trim it looks so huge now!


  1. I've been given flowers from my children for my birthday so hope they last as long as your lilies.

  2. I love frogs and toads, I always feel very lucky when I spot them. Your flowers are still gorgeous :)
    Sue Xxx

  3. Those beautiful blooms are lasting very well :o)
    I have frogs in the garden but haven't spotted a toad yet ;o)
    Your garden can breath at last with that flamin' conifer gone! Have a super weekend.
    Rose H


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