Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lilies Day - 21 They're still here......just about........

I'm afraid..........

I had to succumb!

We still have these two.........
still more blogging hope you aren't too bored?

Thought I would walk around the garden and see what was growing all of a sudden after all this sunshine!

My Daisies you can read their story here


and the unusual flowers of the Bay

Harebell, Bluebell, Welsh Leek, Dandelions, Herb Robert, Celandine, Daisy, Lady's Mantle and I am not sure what the  deeper blue flower on top right is

and some weeds wildflowers that grow in my garden


  1. You definitely got value out of the lilles! I can't have lillies unfortunately because they are poison to cats! Nice to see the primroses. My primroses and daffodils didn't flower this year but I do have plenty of weeds (wildflowers) too!

  2. Mmmmm I love the smell of lillies. Like Simone says, what brilliant value! xx

  3. Oh it's sad when they go! They've given you a lot of pleasure though and we've all loved seeing them. I've got some tulips that look just like your top photo.

  4. You have certainly had your moneys worth havent you Julie?
    Isnt it amazing how the primulas are still in flower so late on?


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