Monday, 29 April 2013

Lilies Day - 13 and more of my garden

As you see still awaiting for two more buds to open.

My Carnations are still going strong to!

Taken from bottom of garden

This morning our next-door-neighbour knocked on our door just to let us know that someone would be cutting the rest of the leylandii trees down.  Personally I will be glad to see them go but now I'm worried about my Bay.

Take from the top of garden. 

The ground is very dry there now because the trees suck all the moisture and nutrients out of the ground. It is lowest part of the garden and we are at the top of the hill so the water flows that way!  We usually take our family photos in this position as it makes a nice backdrop.  My Bay has been there fifteen years it started out as a little herb in a pot with a sell-by it was 10p and it was from Somerfield which no longer exists.  I have never been successful in drying the leaves so I just break them off when I need a Bay Leaf.    It will be interesting to one of its branches as some of Bay leaves can be seen at the top of the leylandii.

We have tackled the Bindweed now we have got to tackle the Welsh Leek, it is like a snowdrift in the front garden and it stinks!

We have two clumps of English Bluebells in the garden.

What colour does Spring mean to you?  
To me its Yellow!


  1. Are you sure that those lillies aren't plastic,lol
    Getting rid of the leylandi is good, the blooming roots go for miles

  2. I feel for you with the jungle/garden, as you know! We have a big bay tree, in the most stupid position so it will have to go, I'm afraid. Like you, I cannot dry the leaves successfully, they all just crinkle up?!
    Hen x

  3. Definitely think the leylandii are best chopped down. We took some out at our old house and it was such a relief.They took some keeping up to. Spring colours? To me there are two, blue and yellow!

  4. I bet your home smells lovely with the lillies and carnations.

  5. i love having fresh bay leaves on hand....x


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