Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lilies Day - 5

Things are beginning to happen!
The tight buds are beginning to loosen and opening to reveal their white petals

This is the bud from yesterdays post.  The pale bud in centre of the left in above picture

Saved from the lawn mower this morning, these few Primroses were growing in the centre lawn.


  1. they are lovely. The primroses are very sweet and I agree with Mrs Jones - the whole room will smell amazing once they are all open

  2. I love these flowers, I have some at the moment at about the same stage as yours - they smell sublime.


  3. I love lilies and you can't bear a vase full of them. I've been planting lily bulbs up like crazy recently so that I can have plenty of cut flowers in the summer!

  4. I bet they smell gorgeous :-) dee xx


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