Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lillies Day - 11 and the garden

Still two stubborn buds to open!

Looking down the garden from prickly corner. 

Since Monday we have spent a couple of hours in the garden everyday, we have got as far as the top post.  About another three feet to go.  Our neighbour put the wood there after the wind caught the fence, that was about five years ago!  Now I am going to plant climbing roses!

Looking up the garden from the bottom towards prickly corner.

Our garden is about 60 foot long and 30 foot wide and when we moved in  there was a hedge which was about three foot wide and six foot high, we then had new neighbours about sixteen years ago they knocked on the door and asked would we mind if they took out most of the hedge and leave just a little bit at the bottom of the garden.  It was not a pretty hedge, it had nothing going for it, it was just more trouble than it was worth.  When I said I wished it would all go their faces lit up and I was happy, they put the six foot fence up mainly to keep their dogs in.  We gained two foot of garden.  I had always planned on a 1950's garden.  Our house was built in 1955.  It is all lawn and now we have a border down one side.  We did have a path that went down the centre of the garden in traditional style but that led to nowhere.  That was removed when we had the grass done about the same time as the neighbours moved in.  In that time both us working full time we only had time to cut the grass.  But as spring was very late this year we thought we would make a concerted effort and just get on with the plan.

Prickly corner!
Prickly corner, so named because this Yucca is trying to take over the garden.  Mum and dad gave me one reasonably sized piece and now I have five or six and it occasionally flowers.   It is a single woody stem with lots of bell flowers - its really beautiful when it flowers but doesn't that often, twice in about twelve years!  If there is anyone out there who might know how to separate them please let me know. It is covered in bramble too, which the sparrows seem to love because.............

Can you spot the nest?  It is empty, the little ones must have flown.  It is a well made structure, it amazing!

Forget-me-knots which have self seeded in one of my tubs which are next on the list!

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  1. Your garden is looking lovely! It's always very satisfying to see your hard work pay off :-) x


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