Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lilies Day - 7 and my belated birthday present

Not much change again but the perfume is beginning to come through now too.

I treated myself to these few magazines on ebay as my birthday present to me!  The bidding finished last Sunday.  There was about twenty of them all going for a reasonable price, they were put on the watch list and even with three hours to go no one wanted them, well that was until I put in a few bids!  It was actually only one other person, but I really wanted the early ones as there was one dated 1928 and a couple for 1930, my collection starts at 1932.  I wasn't going to bid for them I just put on what I was prepared to pay and left it.  I managed to get these seven, I wanted ten of them so that wasn't bad!  I am a great believer things come to those who wait.  The top right - the one with the white cover is 1932.  As most of you know I already have vast collection, and I had already bought some of these actual magazines at a boot fair many years ago before vintage was fashionable.  The blue one tucked in bottom left, my copy someone had taken the guillotine to and taken out the articles they wanted and left the rest lots of loose pages and the strips of adverts they didn't want.  I kept the copy in hope one day...........it was one of the first I put a bid and got it for what I wanted to pay.  I saw a few early Needlewoman and Needlecraft recently and put bids on.  But one of them went for £41 well out of my league!  Not sure if the person sells it on will get his/her money back.  


  1. I remember the day when nobody wanted these type of mags, you could pick them up at jumbles for pennies. Wish I could have seen into the future then, the things I have thrown away in the past that are worth a fortune now.
    Are there any good embroidery patterns in these, there usually are.

  2. Your lilies are looking lovely and I bet the scent is gorgeous! I love those magazines - what an excellent birthday present to yourself! I sometimes buy myself un-birthday presents too...

  3. Hope you had a lovely birthday
    I have a few of those mags and like you I bought them before vintage was trendy, £41 sounds a bit steep though.
    Enjoy reading them
    Cate x

  4. I can almost smell those lilies! I think I may have some of those needlewoman magazines somewhere, I'll have to have a mooch in my cupboard. I did intend to sell them but never got around to it! £41 seems an enormous amout of money though. xx

  5. Your lilies are looking lovely, great value for money!! x

  6. Well done on getting your magazines ;-) I can smell those flowers from here. Enjoy, dee xxx


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