Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lilies Day - 12 and......

Still awaiting for last two heads to open!

Spent another hour and half in the garden this morning.  Still digging this out!  Hope we have dug the majority of it out now before it tries to take over the garden as it has in past years  These roots are Bindweed!  Think we may have found the main root base now.

In yesterdays post I mentioned the hedge.  Well a small piece got missed by the digger and it is my garden, I thought I would keep it because it was there.  This was once three foot wide and six foot high, now it a measly eighteen inches high and very straggly and it is staying that way! 


  1. Had a lovely catch up read after my holiday. Your lilies are stunning and very spectacular.

  2. wow, those lilies just go from strength to strength! Lovely to finally be able to get out in the garden isn't it - making the most of the good weather now that it is here

  3. It must smell so good around those lilies, shame it's not scratch and smell :) xx


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