Monday, 22 April 2013

Lilies Day - 6 and a visitor..........

Something is beginning to happen..........

and the perfume is beginning to arrive

That is my husband's foot - that is how close we were!
There is a worm just inside the pot.

A few years when we had a shed that was only held together by will power and the door only fitted where it touched.  There was a rather large hole at the top of the shed door, no one took much notice of the shed until one of our son's wanted something from the shed and went in the shed to get what he wanted, he left the shed empty-handed and called me and his dad to see what he should do next......  
You see in the shed was a nest, we didn't know what sort of nest just a nest with blueish eggs in it, we hadn't seen any comings and goings.  Anyway we carefully moved the nest, son got what he wanted and returned the nest slightly lower than before but it was still in the same place and we forgot about the nest and carried on with everyday life.  
A few weeks later the back door wide open and commotion of a bird and it was a robin making so much noise and flying back and forth getting rather over excited!  When I went to look there was a cat walking around and round waiting for someone to open the shed door to let it in the for the chicks.  No chance!  I chased the cat out of the garden and the robin flew in the shed through the hole in the door and I just went back to the kitchen to continue doing whatever it was, tea I think as it was late afternoon.  A few minutes later I heard chirping on the doorstep, went and looked and there was the robin chirruping away as if to say thank you for saving my family.


  1. Oh, robins are lovely aren't they and seem very happy to get close. I was digging out a border a couple of years ago and a robin was hovering very close by. I threw him some worms and he eventually came so close that I could have touched him, but didn't as I didn't want to scare him away.

  2. Robins are the friendliest birds in the garden.I love to see them and throughout this cold winter we have had one visit us regularly.Love your photos though, I didnt get chance to take any.

  3. Robins are my favourite garden visitors. How wonderful to see a nest. We've no chance of that with five cats!

  4. I adore robins - the gardener's friend ( no doubt for the worms). Such a lovely British bird who doesn't migrate. Wonderful photos (and of the lillies too!) Caisey. Cx

  5. OMG that's such a lovely story.
    By the way, did you know that the pollen from the lillies is lethal to cats, it can kill them. don't know if you have cats but thought it worth a mention.

  6. What a lovely story, I love Robins. They really are quite fearless and follow the digging gardener around all day.

  7. How lovely, I'm almost tempted to make a little hole in the top of OH's shed door in the hope of a pretty nest there next spring..........somehow I don't think the man of the house would be very much amused.
    Kim x

  8. I love robins, they are such friendly little birds, and I love this sweet story!
    Helen x

  9. How wonderful Julie :o) Robins are so sweet, when my Dad retired and took over the gardening he had a friendly robin that would ride on the wheelbarrow or sit atop the spade as Dad took a break. They always make me smile when I see them as I think of Dad.
    Rose H


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