Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I read a lot of blogs recently about being frugal, and when I go food shopping I am very careful what I purchase. I have even stopped buying from charity shops except for clothes for Caitlin and Liam where I can. I have to admit I have purchased a couple of 'unnecessary' items but I had earned the money by repairing a necklace for a customer at work and selling a couple of pin cushions and a cross-stitch pattern.

I do like to have flowers in a vase.
Do you remember these?

I do like to make my flowers last!

I didn't quite get a bargain as last time!

but I did save 75p
I bought the flowers yesterday,
I put last months flowers in the compost bin
I hope they last as long
The Amaryllis, Tulips and Irises did not last as long as the Chrysanthemums though!


  1. I like a frugal flower bargain too - I brought some roses from Tesco's at the weekend that had been reduced from £5 to £2.50 and they're doing surprisingly well after I cut all the bad bits off.

  2. With the bulbs you bought, once the flowers have died down you can plant the bulbs in the garden so you will have flowers again the folowing spring! Even though I know this, I have never done it!!! x

  3. Chrysanthemums last forever don't they? Real frugal flowers :) x

  4. Florists say you can put some drops of bleach or some sugar into the water for a longer life of your flowers!

  5. I have small vases for when I cut the flowers down is that frugel or mean :)

    Cate x

  6. Hello
    Many thanks for your comments..
    I must admit I always look for flower bargains in the shops. I try to buy the small white roses in Waitrose that are reduced to £2.. they last for ages and then feed the compost.. so are re-incarnated in a way.
    Changing the water and cutting off part of the stems regularly helps prolong their lives.
    Michele x

  7. Beuatiful flowers can really lift the spirits, and even better when they're a bargain.

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my last post,
    florrie x


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