Sunday, 30 January 2011

Old Fashion Classic Cake and more flowers!

I made a classic Victoria Sandwich Cake this morning. It got me thinking last year Simone did a Friday Cake Bake so I thought I would do a 'Sunday Old Fashioned Cake Bake' once a month. I will make an 'old fashion cake' and try and find a piece of history about it. Would anybody like to join in? The recipe for this cake is here

Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1788-1861), one of Queen Victoria's (1891-1901) ladies-in-waiting, is credited as the creator of teatime. Because the noon meal had become skimpier, the Duchess suffered from "a sinking feeling" at about four o'clock in the afternoon. At first the Duchess had her servants sneak her a pot of tea and a few breadstuffs into her dressing room.
Adopting the European tea service format, she invited friends to join her for an additional afternoon meal at five o'clock in her rooms at Belvoir Castle. The menu centered around small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, assorted sweets, and, of course, tea. This summer practice proved so popular, the Duchess continued it when she returned to London, sending cards to her friends asking them to join her for "tea and a walking the fields. The practice of inviting friends to come for tea in the afternoon was quickly picked up by other social hostesses.
Queen Victoria adopted the new craze for tea parties. By 1855, the Queen and her ladies were in formal dress for the afternoon teas. This simple cake was one of the queen's favorites. After her husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, the Queen Victoria spend time in retreat at the Queen's residence (Osborn House) at the Isle of Wight. According to historians, it was here that the cakes were named after her.

On Tuesday 18th January I did my main shop and bought some cheap flowers which I actually still have. This week I bought some more! I wonder how long the flowers will last Chrysanthemum's and Carnations seem to last a lot longer than their sell but dates and some flowers do not last as long. This time I bought Irises, Tulips and Amaryllis which Morrisons seem to sell as bunches I have never seen them anywhere else in bunches!

My flowers, the ones I bought on 18th January are back left
(The secret is change the water regularly and cut little of the stalk at the same time)


  1. love your cake with history ;0)x
    beautiful flowers x

  2. Thanks so much for the recipe for the Victoria Sandwich, especially the bit about weighing the eggs, I have never done this and I think it might just make all the difference to the sponge. Can't wait to give it a go. Hope it comes up as big as yours.

  3. We had good old fashioned Victoria sponge yesterday (it was all that was left!) and my daughter wanted to come straight home and make one, so I'd join in.... Love the flowers Sue :)

  4. I should have said we had the sponge cake in a cafe!!! otherwise it doesn't make sense :(

  5. I get a 'sinking feeling' at about 4 o'clock everyday! Thank you for a bit of history behind the cake. Victoria sandwich remains one of my favourite cakes. My first post back in March 2008 was about the victoria sandwich cake and recipe in a sunday tea-time post! You have a fine lot of flowers there. I was tempted to buy fresh flowers today but bought two hardy topiary bushes instead! x

  6. The cake looks good! Trying to lose weight so I'm not going to copy the recipe! The flowers look pretty too - looks like a nature table there!

  7. Thanks for the info on the Victoria Sponge - I hadn't known that before although it is one of my favourite cakes as it is so easy. I won't join in with your Sunday cake posting as I am trying not to eat too much cake just now! But it sounds a good idea and I have lots of old fashioned recipes. Pity!


  8. Mmmmmm...cake! Victoria sponge is one of my faves xxx

  9. Yummy! I could just eat a slice of that!

  10. mmmmmm, salivating like crazy at the sight of your cake. Yummy. Thanks for your fascinating facts about its history.

  11. Hi Julie,
    thanks for visiting, that cake looks scrumptious. As my daughter and myself have to follow a wheat and gluten-free diet, my daughter also has a severe nut allergy, I do quite a bit of baking's a case of needs must.......but even so I'm tempted to join in with your baking fun.

    I'm off now to have a little skip through the archives of your lovely blog.

    florrie x


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