Thursday, 3 February 2011

Don't think I shall poke anyones eye out!

I had a look round some charity shops yesterday looking for clothes for Caitlin and Liam. I usually find lots pretty dresses some with labels such as Monsoon or Laura Ashley but these are usually party type frocks, but just recently alas nothing and what some charity shops did have were just heaped into a wire tub for you to rumage over like in a jumble sale. I was not impressed. When asked if they had any dresses or dungarees the reply was oh....we are not stocking childrens clothes anymore because they are just too fiddly!

I did see the above knitting pattern which is an Aran style knitting but in double knitting yarn instead of the usual thicker aran yarn which I think is more suitable for little people. The lady on the counter said to me would you like knitting needles? I thought this was a strange question but didn't say anything, she went on to say we have to keep them under lock and key - I must have looked at her a bit strangely by this time because she went on to say we have to because of 'health and safety' and that is why they are sold in sealed packets now. I did correct her by saying not all knitting needles were sold in sealed packets because the ones sold in the shop where I work are sold on card!

Sorry for the moan I just had to get it off my chest!


  1. I bet you felt like giving her a poke with a knitting needle!!! What do they mean about childrens clothes being too fiddly? You think they would be grateful to receive all kinds of donations (as long as they are clean and usable of course!)x

  2. It's sad that some charity shops are so discriminating, just think of all the missed money making opportunities they're missing.

    Made me laugh about the needles, mine were once confiscated after I passed through a metal detector when having to attend a court case with my daughter.........they were deemed a dangerous weapon by security........I wouldn't mind but it was a pretty boring day spent waiting for my daughters case to be called........just a custody hearing, nothing too sinister.

    florrie x

  3. Urghhh - Health and safety! We were debating the charity shop knitting needle debacle last night at our knit and natter, it is rediculous. Not all of them are locking them up though, I was rumaging in a CS in Accrington last week, and managed to knock over the huge glass vase full of needles!

  4. Oooh, the charity shops here still sell lots of childrens clothes, I'm glad to say - I buy loads!! The knitting needles thing is daft really, when you think of other sharp things that the shops have, like pens and pencils....

  5. I've been told that before about knitting needles and charity shops, they keep them out the back so you have to ask for them! I find charity shops are really changing these days and not for the better, they're so picky and they seem to want to sell "new" ie. leftover and unwanted stock from tacky shops! And don't get me started on the prices in some of them...
    Hen x

  6. Thw whole 'health and safety' knitting needles in charity shops thingy is ridicuolus. As long as they're kept out of children's reach, then that's fine. I can't ever recall any news reports about people being stabbed with knitting needles in charity shops! Utter nonsense in my opinion.

    P.S. I also find that some charity shops charge way above the actual value of some items.

  7. Don't you get fed up with all this health and safety stuff. I have come across this before with the knitting needles and charity shops.
    As for not stocking childrens clothes, I just wish the charity shops of old would come back, they used to have a hotch potch of stuff and everything donated used to find itself in the shop, they are picky now and a lot goes to dealers, I know this for a fact.
    I prefer car boots and am waiting patiently for the spring outdoor one's to start up.

  8. Can't believe that about the knitting needles--has anyone really heard of a knitting needle stabbing? It's frustrating enough that I can't take them on an airplane. Just found your blog by the way, and it's charming!

  9. I've heard the knitting needles stuff in our local charity shops- funny as they sell cutlery etc. Glad you liked the vintage cookbooks!


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