Thursday, 24 March 2011


Tuesday afternoon, reading blogs, drinking tea, I ventured into Millie & Dotties Emporium there in the Nursery was Knitting Nancy. There she sat staring at me from her box, she took me back to when I was about 6yrs old Christmas 1962. I unwrapped presents there was Nancy, the exact same one as I was looking at. I used my Nancy then quite a bit, then as you do I grew up..........but recently I have been using my Nancy again for making the cords to join mittens together so they don't get lost for my grandchildren.
This is the second time I have found my childhood at Milly & Dotties! The last time was an Enid Blyton book.

my Knitting Nancy you can actually spy her here in draw nine

This one I bought here to put away for Caitlin for when she is older

I purchased Knitting Nancy. I couldn't wait to receive my parcel!
I felt like a child getting excited for Birthdays and Christmas!!
She was waiting on my doormat this morning.
I was so pleased
Look what I can make...........


  1. They are so cute aren't they ... did you used to make your own too with an old wooden cotton reel and some pins? Great idea to use the strands for littlies gloves and I will have to remember that for next winter x

  2. So pleased that Knitting Nancy arrived today and you could add her to your collection.
    Dottie x

  3. My daughter has just learnt to knit with one of those dolls. Great fun!

    I laughed a lot at your recent comment on my blog about "Flat Surface Syndrome". We suffer from the same syndrome here, you'll be pleased to know!

  4. I remember my sister having one of those! I look forward to seeing what you make with your Knitting Nancy! x

  5. How wonderful to be able to find an exact toy from childhood! I have a couple of things which I have been looking for from childhood and as yet have not found. I am sure that if I do someday, I will feel the same as when you spotted her.
    Isabelle x

  6. oh how wonderful!!!! caitlin will love this- how sweet you are! ;0)x

    myself and twinny had mushroom head types, my nanny bought them for us one summer at the Childhood museum in Bethnal green ;0)
    i loved that place for vintage treasures and old, loved toys ;0)x

  7. What a lovely pressie for when Caitlin will be grown up!

  8. I'm a post late but just wanted to say how pretty your embroidered brooch is. Beautiful.

  9. How lovely to find a little bit of your childhood again! I remember a Knitting Nancy too - I think we made little mats with ours! I wonder what you'll make.
    Helen x

  10. Hi! It's Maz from the spoolknitter blog .... there are lots of things you can make if you want to check out Flickr spool knitter (my group) and I also am the current moderator for the Yahoo Spoolknitter group. Lots of links, patterns, photos, books to peruse and we have competitions too! ... maybe we will see you there! ... cheers, Maz
    (There are links on my blog to these sites)


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