Saturday, 19 March 2011

Perfect Day

Today was absolutely perfect. It did start rather early with a brand new washing machine being delivered at 7.45am! It was plumbed in almost immediately, well when Alex had eaten his breakfast, so I was able to finish my weeks washing, our dear friend Jane did the clothes earlier in the week for us. Then we had a lovely afternoon with Caitlin and Liam, well I say today was perfect, granny must be getting old she forgot the camera!

I also finished this brooch, can now be found this on Folksy


  1. That's a beautiful brooch Julie - so delicate. Funny about washing machines - ours is on the blink too so I feel a new one will be beckoning soon!

  2. THAT BROOCH IS GREAT - WAHT PATIENCE AS i AM IMAGINING IT IS NOT THAT LARGE. Oops seem to have had caps lock on - sorry!

  3. Such a pretty brooch! You are clever!
    Hope to see you at the fair next week!


  4. A very pretty brooch. You have put so much work into it Julie.x

  5. oh wow julie x
    that brooch is soo sweet.
    glad you have a lovely new washing machine ;0)xxxx

  6. Beautiful brooch, I hope you have more luck with your new washing machine than we have had with ours!!!

  7. Hello Julie!
    Thank you for your message!
    Have fun with your new washing machine!

  8. you are going? woohooo ;0)
    as long as i can get a baby sitter im hoping to go- but i will find out later in the week x

  9. thats lovely Julie it looks really delicate with a vintage feel! fliss xxx


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