Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Where did it go.........?

Last night when we went to bed there was snow on the ground, albeit messy from where people had walked and icy from where the footprints froze.

We fought off the Seagulls.
They flew into the bird feeder to knock the food we left for the garden birds

A few birds managed to find food even after the bully Seagulls had been

We awoke this morning and found this,
it is as if there hadn't been any snow

except for the tell-tale pile of snow left at the bottom of the garden!

I had some left-over Mincemeat
so I thought I would make a few more mince pies yesterday

We had a chuckle when it came out of the oven!

Didn't last long I'm afraid!


  1. It's been white for so long that I'd forgotten we had grass! That mince pies fun....

  2. The snow hasn't completely gone here but it's melted a fair bit. Those mince pies do look good! :-) x

  3. Isn't it great to see our green and pleasant land once more? Love it and it's so mild too can't believe we were slithering and sliding and freezing cold just yesterday! Mince pies - mmmnnn delicious and love the little face too!


  4. It seems funny to look out of the window and see green grass! I've never known it be so white for so long!
    Hope you had a good time! ;-)x

  5. It was quite stunning to look out on snow covered fields, but now it has gone everything does look murky and drab doesn't it! Lizzie x

  6. It is like the snow was all a dream isn't it? I like your mince pies
    - they have faces! x

  7. Lol at your mince pies!
    Happy new Year Julie!

  8. Hi Julie, I'm now back home and catching up on all the great posts from my bloggi friends. Loved the mince pie He! He!
    My ex mother-in-law is German and they put their rugs out in the snow to clean them. (Only recommended if no doggies have been in your garden!) Happy New Year! :O) SueXXX


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