Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody

Alex collects these old magazines.
These are the latest editions to our collection,
and they make good reading especially the adverts!

These particular two issues are dated
24th July 1936 and 10th December 1937
Stacking storage devices
Mmmmmmmmm..........think I've seen them
in Debenhams kitchen department
and as for the idea for making cakes pretty dusting icing sugar through dollies, I'm
sure I saw that recently on TV - Kirsty I think!!!!!!

In the summer of 1936 you could knit this dress
(If anyone would like the rest of the pattern I would be happy to send it to you)

I love this letter page from 1937
and wonder if every county had their own hotpot
or is it a version of Somerset Hotpot?
as this one seems to be for Taunton!

Most issues there was a page for children
and discovered a word used in todays language
If you would like to do this Dot-to-dot?
right click on the picture
and save it to one of your files on your computer


  1. Hope you & your family have a very happy Christmas Julie!


  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Julie Xxx

  3. Oh how those old magazine pages take me back - not that I was around in 1936 or 37 you understand but they didn't change that much before I was a child in the 40s. I came across a dress pattern amongst my knitting patterns the other day - Jaeger and in double knitting wool and if one had the patience it would probably look OK now as it must have been from the 60s.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and let us see some more of these pages if you come across any won't you?!


  4. Lovely old magazines! Happy Christmas Julie!x


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