Thursday, 23 December 2010

Well I've dug it up!

The rug has been out there since Monday so thought it best it was dug up!

I found it straight away, as I knew more or less where it was.

But because we went out for lunch with friends Bill and Janice
we've abandoned it in the shed till tomorrow when we are going
to roll it and bring it in to dry!
Don't worry I will certainly let you know.........


  1. Oh no! you have tonnes more snow than us, no wonder you are fed up with it! Can't wait to see the rug - If it works I WILL be trying it!

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. Well if it hasn't worked it won't be for want of trying! It will certainly be germ free by now and hopefully when you knock that snow off it will look good as new and its colours all bright and clean again. Let us know the outcome won't you?!


  3. Hi Julie..just a quick message to say thank you so much for your card and the crochet brooch!
    Here's hoping that you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Take care,
    Sal ;--)xx

  4. Can't wait to see if it has worked.

    I bet it was heavy.....

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Julie! Hope you have a fabulous time, especially with that precious grand daughter of yours...
    Hen xxx

  6. Looking forward to see how the rug will turn out :-)

    Have a very happy Christmas with your loved ones xxx

  7. I look forward to the big reveal! x


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