Tuesday, 21 December 2010

OK Hands Up Who is Fed up with the Snow?

Yes I know it looks lovely when it first happens, that snow that quietly falls from the sky. You can't hear it like rain and hail, you only see it! We live at the top of a hill, no-one but no-one left their drives in our road yesterday, the postman didn't visit and not sure if the recycling people will make it today either!

Alex before he can go to work!
Neither of us went yesterday, but Alex said he would have to
go in today, my boss said I could have another day off!

My poor Yukka

........and the Roses

For all you lovely bloggers who left a comment
asking about my rug, well it is HERE!
I will let you know if it works when I can find it again!


  1. Me me! I am fed up with it and we don't have to go to work nor are we going away for Christmas but I want to be able to walk without looking where I put every footstep and to be able to take the car to the shops sometime before Christmas - you can only carry so much in a rucksack!! Like you we are at the top of a hill and it's also the end of a cul de sac so lovely as no passing traffic but in the snow we simply can't get out and even if we did we'd never get back in!!

    Roll on spring!


  2. I've got to say I'm pretty fed up with it but not so my family. Check out my blog to see more :-)
    A x

  3. I'm pretty sick of it now, as its just ice on the pavements, going out in a min to clear it, so hoping some other peeps will follow suit!xx

  4. I hope you find your rug under all that snow! I am fed up of the snow now too!!!

  5. We've had only one snow
    - a whopping one inch ! ! -
    our temp today is right at

    Happy, Warm, Holiday Hugs.

  6. Oh Julie don't be a grinch! only joking, i was a bit down my dad was meant to be coming over from burnham on sea but couldnt he is going to try again on christmas eve, also i couldnt get to cannington to see my anutie or wsm for my friend! are you having your granddaughter on christmas day? I hope you have a lovely time, fliss xxx

  7. Yes, I'm bored with it too. It's gone all melty in my part of London, thank goodness!

    I'm still looking forward to finding out about your rug!

  8. Thank goodness, we don't seem to suffer quite so much down here in the south, but we still have had more snow that we've had in a long time. As I write it has all melted but is freezing cold.
    Have a good Christmas and I look forward to your blogs in the new year.


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