Monday, 20 December 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Saturday morning woke up to a snow covered garden - very pretty should have gone to Taunton, for various things, last minute shopping and a hospital appointment. Cried off the appointment on Friday as I had been listening to the local radio and television weather forecasts. OK the receptionist said I'll just mark you off on the computer to say you rung in and gave me a number to ring on Saturday morning which I duly did, only to be moaned at, obviously they hadn't looked at the computers but it was my fault and I should make an effort was their attitude (I'm just becoming a grumpy old woman!) but as it was a 25mile trip to Taunton and the same back we were not going to risk it for anyone! Did what we needed to do in town and came home.

What is it about trees with snow on them?
Michael and Lizzie still came for Christmas lunch yesterday, seemed the only frozen dangerous bit of the journey was our road, he said the motorway from Bristol was clear and empty. We swapped Christmas presents, I had an album of lots of lovely photographs of their wedding, they absolutely loved the Sampler from the last post. On the back I stuck a montage of all the wedding stationery, and a list of the meanings of the motifs.
This morning just before 8am I took it into my head to take the sitting-room mat into the garden and lay it in the snow. Mum always did when we had a good fall of snow, apparently it is a very old fashioned way of cleaning mats. Snow is a natural bleach (did you ever taste it as a child or after a snowball fight?). Well I thought I would have a go, what could go wrong, the mat was 15 years old and grubby.
Mat laid in the snow..........

.........twenty minutes later - erm.........
where is it?

Janet my boss rang, to say stay at home, her and Roger would open up about 10ish if they can get in from Dunster. So I have decided I am having a duvet day when I have written this, mind you my brain and body thinks it should be working in a shop and is getting agitated! Right I have had enough of the snow, and feel sorry for the people further up country who are snowed in, this snow is getting a wee bit tiresome now and I am sure they think so too, dreading the defrost all that water! Two lots of snow in one year is just not on! Go here for a picture of Parks Walk, Minehead, it a pretty walk whatever time of the year.


  1. Duvet day sounds just the job! Have had more snowfall here too and can see how your mat disappeared!! I too feel for those poor souls further north but here in Somerset it is all getting a bit much for us isn't it?!


  2. Sounds like just the day to be indoors! It's snowing again here, but nothing like other parts of the country have had.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Enjoy your day off from work!

  4. Lovely snowy photos. I did have to laugh when I saw your rug had disappeared! I too have read that it was traditional to use snow to clean them.
    Hen xxx

  5. I need to know - did the snow work in cleaning the carpet,and is that what people mean by a carpet of snow?!!! I hope you managed to enjoy your unexpected day off. x

  6. Lovely pictures!
    We had a snowy walk today, I enjoyed it so much!
    Keep warm!xx

  7. Your comment where is the rug now made me laugh out loud ;-)) Did it work? was clean after you rescued it? ;-)We have had loads of snow again today in Taunton its mad i have lived here 20 years now and have never known snow like it in the past 2 years. Your duvet day sounds like heaven ;-) Have a lovely christmas, Dee xx

  8. I too want to know if you the snow worked on the rug. Do tell!! I think I've been on that walk you mention in Minehead. Beeoootiful part of the world.


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