Tuesday, 3 February 2009

After waiting.............

.............after everybody else got theirs, we got our snow - it hasn't snowed properly here since 1990! It only lasted a couple of hours though perhaps its because we are coastal. There wasn't enough to even build a snowman! It was gone by five this evening.

It is rather cold so I made Rice Pudding!
This is my grandmother's recipe.
Everyone seems to have one!
4oz Pudding Rice, 1pint Milk,
2 eggs, 3 dessert spoons of Sugar.
Put the rice into a bowl and sprinkle with sugar
Beat the eggs into the milk and pour onto the rice
Grate Nutmeg on the top (optional)
put into the oven for about 50minutes - 180degrees
or until the rice is cooked thoroughly ovens can be different
This is what is looks like when it leaves the oven
I know you are suppose to like the skin - I DON'T!

A bowl full with Raspberry Jam
My husbands bowl - I don't like that either!

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  1. kc:
    pretty pics full of snow, here it's so hot, i don't want to move, not even sew and that's bad!
    what do you mean by rice pudding? is some special kind of rice? the plate sounds good


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