Sunday, 8 February 2009

They say there may be more............

Friday morning us here in Minehead
woke up to a very white morning!
It was surprising because we were not
meant to have much more snow!
I took the pictures of my bushes, trees
and shrubs at about 8 am

On the way to work about 8.45 am the snow fell again
It was only a five minute drive from home to town
the snow on trees looked quite spectacular.

By Saturday morning the snow was defrosting.
The sun tried to shine!
Driving towards home on Saturday

Drawing up outside our house in the same road as the previous photograph
We live at the top of a hill so things take longer to defrost!

The back garden on Sunday morning
And the view at the bottom of the road - Sunday

So all weekend we sat by the fire and kept warm! I made what can only be described as "rustic" jam tarts.
Too much jam!

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