Sunday, 1 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 2 - Week 8 yawn-yawn! Stick with it...........

Where has this year gone?  
We are now at 1st March
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus - Happy St David's Day

The sun is shining over my house this morning, I hope others have some sun too, but according to the weather  for my area when I Googled its going to rain by lunchtime.

I was given a copy of this book by Mum I, in error gave my copy away in my book clear-out last year when they all went on freecycle.  I think, perhaps I wasn't sure if I wanted it anymore or not, then I regretted doing that and wished I hadn't!  Do other people do that too...........? Throw/give things away and wish they hadn't?

I also had another gift sent to me by Ann lovely little heart.  I shall hang it in my kitchen where I can see it.  

Being St David's day today, I have decided that any daffodils I sell during the month of March I will make a £3 donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

(Click to enlarge)
Looking back to February - did anyone have thunder, we did we  live.  I wonder what "In February, if thou hearest thunder, thou shalt see a summer wonder"  do you think we will get a hot summer?

Back to the title of the post.  I suspect you are all getting fed-up with this, go on admit it.  This new stalk has had to be tied up, it started bending in the middle, and I think the smaller one will have to be tied too, I didn't have to tie the first stalk.  I have come to the conclusion though that, and has anyone else noticed?  There are no leaves.  No leaves to take over, no leaves to take the energy from the stalks and flowers.


  1. That plant is amazing - my mum has one, and hers is missing leaves also...wonder why?


  2. One of my plants this year had leave and no buds. Lovely plant, I have never seen 3 buds before, your fingers are truly green.

  3. My Amaryllis had loads of leaves but disappointingly small flowers ! Yours has definitely given value for money! Yes we had thunder in February too and hailstones. I hope we get a long summer but I hope it's not too hot and humid! x

  4. It's quite frightening how this year is running away!! :( Love your little heart gift. Suzy x

  5. No sun here, more rain predicted. I have gotten rid of books I shouldn't have and have ended up rebuying them.

  6. So glad you got a copy of the book again...yes, I have recently given something away in a big sort out and really wished I could get it back :( We had sun this morning too, but rain by lunchtime!
    Have a good week.
    Helen xox

  7. I have to admit to noticing the year is already flying by... need to do something to slow it down -any suggestions?!? :) Your Amaryllis is the type has no leaves during flowering time, solid stems, and can potentially produces 6 -12 flowers, while the hippeastrum (amaryllis used for the common name) produces leaves after flowering, has hollow stems and blooms 3 – 6 flowers. There are another type that do produce leaves first, slightly different 'branch' of the genus :) Have a good week x

  8. Nope, not fed up at all. My mum grew Amaryllis in pots on the windowsills when I was growing up, so your posts have a very nostalgic feel for me. I still remember the excitement when each of the beautiful blooms opened. Happy belated St. Davids Day. It's snowing/raining/hailing in Somerset this morning, but if you can ignore all that it does feel a bit like spring.

  9. I picked one of these books up in the charity shop last week, put it back again and when I got home wish I had bought it. Perhaps it will still be there next time :-(

  10. I well remember the Diary coming out in the 1970s - there was a huge craze for the book at the time and lots of spin-offs. I've still got my original copy and the companion volume The Edwardian Lady which told the story of Edith's life and her sad demise drowning in the Thames whilst out on one of her country walks. There was TV series made too - I've still got on video somewhere - I remember weeping at the end where her sorrowing husband is recording her death either in his own diary or in a letter. :o(


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