Sunday, 22 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 4 -Week 11 - its been a funny week..........

I will miss it when it isn't there anymore.  This Amaryllis seems to have gone on forever and a day!

........but as you see it is coming to the end now...........  The leaves are starting to grow now too.  If anyone knows how to keep this bulb till next year please tell me...........

My flowers from mothers day last week are still going strong.  These photos were taken this morning.

This week I made and sent off two more seagulls to a new home in Essex.

I made a cheesecake, the recipe can be found on Frugal Queen's blog here 

I topped mine with blackberries we picked last autumn and froze, and used Morrison's Lime Marmalade because that is all I had.

Which watched the eclipse through the pinhole in a piece of card

and made pretty patterns with a colander 

Purchased another shrub for the garden.

Just a reminder that any of my Daffodils sold during March I will be making a £3 donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care Fund

That was the things that went right, the things that went wrong!  One husband lost his tooth, a crown he has had for years, normally if it comes out whilst eating he retrieves it makes an appointment with the dentist and it get put back, not this this time is got swallowed.  I did say he could look for it but would he want it back in his mouth........ and probably about time he had a new one.......... he is going to have a new one but at a cost!  Two, The fuel pump in the car has gone so another repair, car trapped in town, last time this happened he was across the road reversing into the drive, next thing I see the neighbours pushing the car onto our drive,
so we thought it was just a flooded engine because the car started straight away the next day and that was before we took the trip to Okehampton and thought nothing of it,we could have easily been stuck in Tavistock on a very wet day!  Three, The man was suppose to come and check the rampaging woodworm but never turned up at the allotted time, rang us past the time he should have arrived and said he wasn't coming our way because another appointment has been cancelled.  Husband rang them back and said he was going to take his business elsewhere, they are suppose to be coming next week now!  As they say watch this space!


  1. Life's little ups and downs! Your flowers do look amazing. Teeth, uggh, my other half always has superglue in the house, and often takes it on holiday with him! And I do love homemade cheesecake.... Sue x

  2. Goodness what a week you have had. Not sure with the bulb, I let mine die down in the pot, then remove it to store bulb and going to repot next year.

  3. Your flowers have lasted well, one of mine is on the way out though the other vase isn't too bad. Cheesecake looks nice and I absolutely love your seagulls xx

  4. Your seagulls and daffodils are fab.
    I sympathise on the teeth front - I've broken 7 or 8 in the last few years, and now have 1 gap ( from an extraction as the damage was so severe nothing could be done to save it), 2 crowns and umpteen ' rebuilt with fillings' teeth.

  5. Lovely seagulls and pretty daffodils.
    The cheesecake looks tasty, will have to look up that blog.
    Things come in 3's they say..... hope it all gets sorted soon,


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