Monday, 30 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 5 - Week 12 - time to say goodbye..............

The blousey Amaryllis is no more, it has come to the end.  Time to say Goodbye.  The green leaves are growing tall.  Never had an Amaryllis that produced three stalks as this one did.

My mothers day lilies are fading

These few pink flowers are left from my mothers day Interflora hand tied bouquet.

The Sumac tree has been cut down.  The man who did this only came to clear the gutters..........  I asked him if he knew anyone who cut down trees and he said he did, and that was where he was going after he cleared our gutters.  He did stayed and did our tree too.


  1. Farewell lovely amaryliss...its been lovely watching your blooms.

  2. The continuing story of the amarylliss has now come to an end. Hope there's another season of this enchanting tale next year. It's certainly put on a superb show. :)

  3. It'll be fun to see what it gets up to next year...will it need re-potting to give it a boost?

  4. Amazing amaryllis....wonder if it will do the same next year??
    Helen xox


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