Monday, 9 March 2015

Amaryllis, chapter 2 - Week 9

Well as you see its still flowering.  

But this stalk only has three heads................ and the other stalk is doing well too.

More flowers, Morrison's white tulips 75p

two pots of mini daffodils 5p per pot!

Just lately I just cannot get motivated.  So many many ideas are spinning in my head, so I have been knitting!

I have quite a few balls of King Cole Splash yarn from when I used to work in a craft shop.  The yarn is lovely to work with and as you see I have taken some balls and separated the colours,

and knitted it up as fair isle.

The garden is coming on a treat

we've gone from this


The plan is to perhaps plant roses and other flowering shrubs.  There was a lot of brambles and once we got to near the fence lots of dead wood.  Its a lane which once ran along the bottom of the garden, it was once probably a bier trail we think because beyond the oak tree always in the back-ground of the amaryllis is the graveyard.


  1. Wow Julie, your fair isle jumper is amazing you are clever. Love the colours. You have certainly been getting a lot of enjoyment from you your flowering plant :-) And your garden is looking fab the hard work as paid off it will look lovely with roses and shrubs. dee x

  2. You have been busy, and now have a much larger garden. Love your fair isle, not knitted any for years. Daff's were a great price, and you Amaryllis is stunning.

  3. Your fair isle knitting is fantastic, it looks so hard to do, something I have never tried.

  4. Those white Tulips look stunning! Your knitting is lovely, I've never tried Fair Isle, it looks so complicated xx

  5. Snap - I bought white tulips this week too. I bet you gained a few extra feet of garden after the great clear up.

  6. The Amaryllis is doing great and I love the white tulips too! x

  7. Your fair isle knitting is really gorgeous....I love the colours! Lots of lovely spring flowers there too, always a pleasure to see.
    Happy weekend Julie.
    Helen xox

  8. I see the cat I have 4 in that colourway!!
    thanks for the 'show and tell'...!! xx
    bestestdaisy j x


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