Monday, 23 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 7 - not had one doing that before..........

Sorry a day late!  Nothing odd in this photo you may think.  I had my suspicions for a few days, but hadn't mentioned it before.  Go to last post and click on the top picture and take a closer look can you see it?  I'll come back to the Amaryllis later.............  I like surprises don't you?

We had a mini-break with my dad at the end of last week.  We went to Tavistock on the wettest day of the week.  I couldn't resist photographing the beautiful weather-vane.

When we came back we restarted work in the garden on Saturday morning.  It was a lovely day on Saturday, even got washing dried on the line.  

We cleared the last bit

Most of it went into one bag.  We dodge the rain on Sunday to just clear up the last of dried twigs and brambles, now rain has stopped play again!

The first of the Primroses in bloom

and...............Sir Henry Robin keeping and eye on us.  He oftens sings while we work.

Back to the Amaryllis........... Can you see it...............?

YES!  We have a third flower!


  1. Wow... 3 flowers, I've never seen that either.
    The weathervane is lovely, my DH made me a special one with a cat chasing a mouse.

  2. You're getting your money's worth there, aren't you. Great stuff.
    PS Please e-mail me your address so I can send your book.

  3. I love weather vanes too, and I'm always photographing them if I see them! I have a feeling, as I walk around, not many people look up.... They miss so much! You have done wonders with your garden, always helps to have a helper, can I give you my address :-) and as for the amaryllis..... Well done you!!!
    Sue x

  4. Wow - not had an amaryllis produce a third spike - nice one :)

  5. Lucky to have another spike on your Amaryllis. I think your plant was a particularly special one! x

  6. Lovely spring pictures, and glad you got the garden cleared between the rainy days. Your amaryllis is trying very hard....maybe knows we are watching?!
    Happy week, Julie.
    Helen xox

  7. 3 flower stems fantastic!! I have had 2 on mine and thought i was very lucky :-) Strangely enough it happened to be the same colour as the one you have.


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