Sunday, 1 February 2015

Amaryllis - week 4

I'm sure this Amaryllis grows while you look at it!

taken Friday night about 9pm
I swear the bud is smiling................

taken Saturday afternoon about 4pm
In less than twenty-four hours we have this

taken 9.15am

It looking lovely - thank you Jane - my best friend Jane - its a pity she doesn't have a blog she is a very good photographer, and she has an excellent way with words.

We haven't managed to get into the garden since last Tuesday.  We must be the only place that actually has not seen snow!  Not one flake!  We have had very heavy rain, and hail but no snow!

I have finished my second commission of the year though

It didn't help though that the pattern was wrong!  This is for a lady who I tried to teach crochet to, but she just couldn't get her head round it, I haven't given up on her though, I will try again when she is ready.


  1. Wow the amarylis is fantastic!

    Love the crochet.


  2. Wow what a difference in your amaryllis! Beautiful, especially this time of year when flowers are a bit thin on the ground. The crocheted jacket is a gorgeous colour, your commissioning recipient is very lucky!

  3. The bud reminds me of Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.


  4. Beautiful flower on your Amaryllis! I think mine is going to be the same - mine is called Dancing Queen! The crochet top is pretty. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for crochet ever since I discovered that I hold the hook and wool different to everybody else! x

  5. Stunning amaryllis. Love the cardi, I sympathise with the lady as I cannot get my head around crochet either, knitting yes but not crochet lol. We haven't had any snow either :( x

  6. Stunning flower head and an amazing crochet jacket.

  7. We haven't seen any snow either Julie. Your flower looks so pretty and I love the crochet cardigan she will love it, dee xx


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