Sunday, 15 February 2015

Amaryllis - Week 6

The Amaryllis is fading, but we have a second one growing fast behind.

Rain has stopped play in the garden for a while.  Once this bit has been cleared that will be stage one for this area.  The growth has been cut at the bottom so there is nothing holding it up so you would think it would just drop or blow off in a gust of wind, no..... it is clinging onto the fence with dear life, so we are having to get the loppers to cut it away.   It cannot bee seen but we have a shed out of shot of the right hand side.  This had been a dumping ground for many years and now we will have to clear it, we made the mess so.......,  some of it will stay, for a little wild life place, it cannot be seen.  

Something for Valentines Day

We have often seen two pigeons feeding together.
(sorry its not clear, took the photo through the window as I didn't want them to fly off)


  1. It is good that you have another Amaryllis coming up! On the box my Amaryllis was just like your one but instead I have red flowers! I really wanted a stripey one! Nice to see your two little 'lovebirds'! x

  2. Hiya, just dropping in to let you know that you're a winner of my little giveaway! If you drop me an email ( with your address I'll try and get it in the post next weekend!

    Rae x

  3. Beautiful Amaryllis. I love watching the birds xx

  4. Hello Julie your Ameryllis are really pretty. We don't get any little birds in the garden now, just the odd gull and lots of crows, plus a magpie or two. I miss them! Have a lovely day. Barbara xx

  5. We've had a couple of jackdaws this past weekend, a very welcome surprise, soon be time for them to get twitterpated!

  6. It is always a treat when you get a second flower coming along! I love seeing the birds....have just got a new bird feeder outside the kitchen window so have seen lots this week!
    Helen xox


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