Friday, 29 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove V

Bluebell Railway

After another good nights sleep and another wonderful hearty breakfast we travelled into Hove to pick up Vivienne to go on the Bluebell Railway.  

Horsted Keynes Station.  
A 1930's multi platform station.  You can get off the train on both sides.

The cafe is original 1930's too.

Who remembers this chocolate?  
My grandad used to buy me bar everytime I visited him or he visited us.

Alex  and Viv have railways in their blood!  Alex' grandfather and Viv's father both made the seating for the railways.  They tell a story of how they held the tacks in their teeth, and used a magnetic hammer.

Horsted Keynes is the station inn the middle.  We travelled to Sheffield Park - the end of the line for lunch and to look around the engine shed.

All the engines are reminiscent of the Thomas the Tanks stories by the Rev. W Audrey

After we had something to eat, we got on the train again to East Grinsted, a very modern station and the other end of the line, the back to Hosted Keynes.

A lovely day was had by all


  1. Wonderful - yes indeed I do remember that ad and the chocolate along with Virol ones and the taste of that too. I can almost smell that lovely steam train smell looking t your photos and feel the tickly seat covering in the carriages - oh you have started me off down Memory Lane as steam trains were a part of my childhood as the means of going anywhere!

  2. My mum loved Fry's and would always share one. I have not heard of The Bluebell Railway, it's about an hours drive from us and with 3 young boys it would be a perfect day out.

  3. I love steam trains so I loved your photos!

  4. Oooh I just love old railway stations like these.

  5. What a lovely outing....I love the old steam trains and the railway advertisements!
    Helen xox

  6. This place is on DH's list, he's a train buff as his dad was a fireman apprectice then engine driver, making his was up to instructor. Better tell DH to move it up the list lol :-)

  7. What a beautiful railway, we have never been but hope to get there one day. :-) xx


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