Monday, 25 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove I

The Journey and Littlehampton

About three weeks ago we were invited to Hove, East Sussex for a small family reunion.  For this we needed to find accommodation.  So we looked on the internet, we started doing this about 8.30am thinking this won't take long........... hhhhmmmm............!  We were just going round in circles!  By lunchtime, we had had enough!  We eat some lunch, watched the lunchtime news, then I had a brainwave!  I googled the Brighton and Hove telephone directory for B&B's.  There wasn't many, so I was going to google each one in turn, but starting at the top of the list we found

A beautiful private home, lovely owners, and very welcoming.  Situated about thirty minutes from where we wanted to be in a little village called Angmering.

We left home 9am Monday morning last week on the dot, and after stopping for lunch, we arrived in Angmering about 2.30pm to a very warm welcome and a much needed cuppa and rest in a beautiful garden of our accommodation. 

The journey itself wasn't too bad, very little motorway driving.  We went through the City of Salisbury going....  When we passed Arundal there was a roundabout dedicated to WW1  I tried to take a photograph because it was exactly what my maternal Great Grandfather George Greaves did in WW1.  He was a horse driver.

(click on my photo and you will see the statue bit clearer)

Above picture sourced from interenet
After a rest and the much needed cuppa we drove to Littlehampton.  Not knowing the place at all we found a carpark behind Sainsbury and walked in the town, we walked through an arcade of little shops and a greengrocers which sold huge peaches so we stopped to buy one to share.  The peaches were as I remembered as a child, they were as big as my hand and very sweet.  We asked the assistant how to get to the seafront, she pointed down a very long, long road which we walked and found ourselves in a funfair.  We found a boating lake and watched the owner put his boats in the centre.  There was some netting and building work being done but we walked past the workings and found ourselves by the boats and actually nearer to the town.



  1. You had nice weather Julie, look forward to more on this holiday.

  2. I still love Littlehampton, it's been built up, but by the boating lake and beach it's still much the same. We love walking there on a sunny day, watching everyone fishing for crabs.

  3. Sounds delightul. I was interested in the Horse Driver sculpture thing on the roundabout as one of my great uncles was a driver in WW1 and my cousin and I wondered what that meant and then discovered it was a horse driver and the work that they had done during the war. Fascinating stuff.

  4. What a lovely break for you. The B&B sounds nice-it can be so hard to find the right place and there's so much on the internet, it takes ages.

  5. Such a lovely statue.
    Looks a lovely place to visit.


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