Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove III

Family reunion

Last Wednesday was a special day, the day we went to meet members of the family Alex hadn't seen since he was a tiny tot!  

We had another good nights sleeps and had a light breakfast.  Gathered together some paperwork concerning the family tree and some photos of our grandchildren - well you do don't you, take photos...........  We got in the car, checked the map and off we went.  We managed to miss the turn for Portslade and ended up travelling towards Brighton where we didn't want to be.  

Brighton Pier (taken from car - I wasn't driving!)
We went round the roundabout and back the way we came!

Grand Pier (taken from car)
As usual we were early so we went back to Tesco's carpark, bought a paper and a drink, I had cake in the car so we sat for a while then as time got closer we drove to Alex' cousin's house, where she gave us a parking permit for the day.  

We had arrived just before the rest of the family, who descended not long after us.  We were there to meet Alex' Great Uncle Charlie.*  The only member of the family with an honour.  And we think the only person ever to have an honour for fishmongering!  

We had lunch in the garden,but we could feel the weather getting chilly and damp but we managed to eat lunch as planned.  The then plan was to walk to the beach-hut.  We did..........

But this big black cloud followed us.  It rained, the wind blew, but we were determined to go!

We sat in the beach-hut admiring the view

one member of the family even took a dip!  He said the water was quite warm!

We even took Uncle Charlie's birthday cake, but we didn't stop for a cuppa as planned.  We went back to the house and had that.  

A flock of seagulls all of a sudden took off squawking!

Someone even has one as a pet!

The younger members of family decided they wanted to visit Brighton Pier so they walked there while we walked back to Viv's house

When we were altogether again 

Uncle Charlie cut his cake.


  1. I clicked on the link, and Charlie is very interesting.

  2. I do love the seaside whatever the weather.

    Bee happy x

  3. How lovely to go to a family reunion! I bet Charlie liked his cake! x

  4. A lovely way to spend a day. I bet that herring gull has perfected landing on window sils and can grab a bit of food in a flash!

  5. I can just imagine all the stories and fun you must have had with your family.


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