Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our mini break in Hove IV

Amberley and Friends
(Bit photo heavy this post - sorry)

Last Thursday morning we decided to go to Amberley Museum.  We went about thirty odd years ago when it was the Chalk Pits Museum, then they had just opened a radio museum.  We were quite early and when we entered we were one of the first visitors of the day.

Lime Kilns

Vintage Wireless Exhibition
has grown somewhat in thirty years!

Telephone Exhibition

Fire Station

Bus Exhibition

Garage and AA box

Shop and printworks

I shall never watch the James Bond film "A View to a Kill" in the same light again!

click on picture to be able to read

some of the film was filmed at Amberley

This was growing wild all around the museum.  I am not sure of the proper name, but is this what we as children called 'old man's beard'?

The whole place has changed including name in thirty odd years

In the afternoon we went to Billingshurst, visiting our friends Philip and Elizabeth (no not that Philip and Elizabeth)!  We have known them since we lived in Essex, oh dear how time flies, that would have been about forty years ago.  


  1. We went a couple years ago and had an intresting day

  2. Super the motor engineers workshop.


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