Saturday, 1 May 2010

Things cannot get any better................*

..............So I am waiting to come down to earth with a BIG bump!

It's the 1st May today.
Its when the Sailors Horse comes to town
He spends a week here then goes back to his
stable for another year.
He is awaken from his slumbers at about 6am
and anywhere you live in Minehead you hear the drumming!

Since my birthday I have been doing a lot of this!
Stargazer Lilies - aren't they just lovely?
The smell is divine!
These two were in a recent bunch of flowers
bought at good ol' Tescos!

My lettuces are doing great although
I have had to remove a slug and a snail
I think the slug and snail are a bit kamikaze because
the only way to get to these pots is to climb
the wall and jump off!
Perhaps they have little parachute packs!

While visiting dad last weekend I went to a charity shop
and found this little happy chappie

I already own his cousin.

I found these two unused cushions
in a charity shop locally
they go just perfectly on my settee
perhaps now I will stop putting my current
project on there and letting the pile
get higher!

I was asked by my boss to make a shop display
using all the colours of Splash yarn we sell
When I get it returned I am going to make it into
a Bolster Cushion

Because she fell in love with this one I made for us!
The pattern can be found here
I did think a lot about my dilemma and decided to undo the row
that was too short but, I also re-crocheted it more carefully
and slightly tighter not noticeably tighter
and managed to complete the row
Tip :: If like me you crochet the foundation chain too tight
use a size larger hook then go back the proper hook to continue the crochet


*The title :: In the matter of days I had a parcel from Jayne , Sophie and Kazzy I consider myself extremely lucky so now I am waiting to come back to earth with a BUMP as I am on a high! So once again I say THANK YOU to you all. I also accompanied with my friend Denise to a "Race Night" last night so she could bid on a Jonny Wilkinson Rugby Shirt which guess what she won! I also won a Meal for Two in the raffle!


  1. I remembered you had already that funny jug! Happy May Day! xxxx

  2. Busy, busy, busy!
    Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good one . The flowers looked lovely.


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