Monday, 31 May 2010

The Capacitor, The Garden and a Mystery!

Well the man who knows and does Did!
He repaired my Kenwood Chef Mixer.
After it filled the kitchen with smoke we opened the
mixer operated on its internals and found this!
This nasty mess is the the capacitor that caused the trouble!
Alex found another and fixed it - isn't he clever?
I apprehensively started the mixer and made this.........
I made this with the usual sponge recipe.
This time I added some Cherries, but as you see they sank!
I did roll them in some of the weighed out flour but to no avail!
If you don't like cherries try other fruit.
This morning we did some gardening again.

In answer to some of the comments as to how
we managed to garden in the hot weather last week,
we actually get up early and in the garden between
8.30 and 9 am and come in when the sun gets too warm.
Now we are up to the prickly bit.
The Yucca has razor sharp leaves
and the Brambles are just too prickly!
And finally a footnote - pardon the pun!
The numbers you see in Alex's slippers,
he can count honest!
The numbers are formed by grass
and in the correct order,
but the mystery is how did the numbers
get there..............?


  1. Wwll done to Alex for getting your mixer repaired & how funny about the slippers!


  2. wierd slippers! almost like finding mother Theresa on a danish pastry!


  3. How odd with the slippers! I've been sorting my brambles out today....hate them they really hurt don't they? My arms are covered in scratches now :(

  4. good job alex! my twinnys called alex and she's a clever thing too u remember jesus and the burnt toast? hehe it was on 'this morning tv' some years ago when old richard and judy were on it.
    that reminded me of the slippers!
    look at that yummy scrummy cake!

  5. Oooh I used to have a kenwood mixer, I wish I did now! Hmmm, very interesting mystery there with those slippers! Suzie xxxx

  6. Hello again, just popped by to thank your for visiting me agian and to agree with you! you are so right, it is the babies job to pulloff the vicar's glasses at the christening! It was so funny! Suzie xxx


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