Friday, 7 May 2010

Little of Everything..........

At our local Farmer's Market
the first of the Cheddar Strawberries
were for sale this morning!

My Cath Kidston magazine
was waiting for me on the doormat
when I arrived home from work!

..........and I had to buy the
'Take A Break' magazine today
I wouldn't normally buy it, in fact
I don't buy any magazines like this at all! is my son Robert in the photograph
illustrating for one of the stories!

Also I had a commission to knit some more of the Bunting too!


  1. Oooh strawberries... nice! I love them. I have just got the CK mag through the post. I don't usually buy mags either, but this week I was loitering in a shop when my eagle eye spotted a free CK tote bag with the mag Living (or something like that!) so I had to didn't I! Yes I did! No wonder you bought that mag! GOod egg for your son! Have a lovely weekend! suzie xxx

  2. Those strawberries look delicious!

    I haven't been to Cheddar for a while. I remember seeing lots of strawberries for sale just before you reach the boot fair site.

    You mut be very pleased for your son.

    Have a good weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. I know from experience that there is nothing like good English strawberries. They taste the way strawberries are supposed to taste.

  4. Ooh! Fresh English strawberries - is summer on it's way?

    How fun to see your son in a magazine!


  5. I didn't realise those mags used actors - mind you, I only read them if there isn't a country life in the doctors waiting room! I hope you are keeping a memory chest with a big star on it for all his clippings etc!!!


  6. Congrats to Robert! We're getting our 1st homegrown strawberries here! xxx

  7. that must have been a lovely surprise to see your son in the mag!- what a great way to earn a living!.
    those strawberrys look scrummy! x
    im batty over bunting...but its so lovely! ;0)x

  8. Just found you via the 20 minuters link and had to say first of all you are a star for posting the knitted bunting (we are making bunting for our wedding in October and I have been looking for a good pattern!) and also comment on your lovely blog!

  9. Hi Julie,

    Your son Robert is doing so well for himself; you just never know where a career in acting can take him.

    Your knitted bunting looks fab.

    You asked about my new toy; I bought a cake smoother, which is basically a big flat paddle. The idea is you place baking paper/grease proof paper over the cake’s surface (top and sides) and use it to get a smooth finish on your cake.

    Thankyou for always coming to visit me on my blog. It always cheers me up to see a visitor or two.

    Best Wishes,


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