Thursday, 25 February 2010


Any ideas anyone - I'm in a bit of a dilemma! I chose to do this pattern known as the Ripple Pattern because of it's effectiveness. It is meant to be crocheted single stripes of different colours, but because of the yarn I have chosen I have decided to crochet a complete ball to make wide stripes. I like the way it has turned out so far, and I have also worked out I possibly need another six balls of yarn.

The first two balls of yarns completed ten rows each with yarn left which will only reach to about the middle, and because I didn't want to start a new ball in the middle of a row I broke the yarn at the begining of the row and started a new ball.
I managed to crochet ninety-nine percent of an eleventh row leaving just six more trebles to crochet. Do I 1.) undo the eleventh row and start a new ball on the tenth row or 2.) do you think it would notice if I crochet the six trebles in the green? All opinions welcome.

I managed to finish the knitted dolly in time for
Caitlin's daddy to take home.
Looks nothing like the original!


  1. It's so pretty. Is it not possible to undo a few inches and increase the tension slightly so you can complete the row?
    A x

  2. I know nowt about crochet, but its looking good!xx

  3. I would be inclined to undo the whole row and start a fresh ball!!! It would annoy me if the last few stitches were a differant colour even if other people didn't notice it!!! Good luck with whatever option you decide to take.x

  4. I guess it would be clear if I could see the hole work, in the pic you only show the union of some colours; I think like simone, but as it has a movement effect, I guess it might be pretty also if you leave it like it is and go on where you left it
    let us know

  5. All afternoon I ummed about it and have decide to undo that row, but, I also re-crocheted it more carefully and slightly tighter not noticeably tighter and managed to complete the the row, so that particular stripe has eleven rows!

  6. Looking GOOD! As I'm totally anal, I would have undone the row and started a new ball/colour. Then used the spare length to start a totally freeform piece ... that you can add to with all your bits and ends of balls over time. It'll be completely unique and it feels sooo gooooood to not waste even an inch of yarn. Told you I was anal LOL!

  7. wow stunning! you made that? wow!!
    wish i was good at crochet ;0~(
    really beautiful xx

  8. Sorry, so far in the world of crochet, all I have managed is a foundation row and the first row! So I can't help, but I can tell you that what you have done is gorgeous! Suzie. xxx


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