Sunday, 7 February 2010

A-pruning we will go...........

Every year we say we are going to prune before the shrubs
start shooting and every year we don't!
Well today we did!
Have to warn you we are not gentle pruners!
These pictures are not pretty.........
Off with their heads down to their ankles!

Told you!
Before these pictures were taken
everything was as high as the fence
six foot!


  1. Hi Julie, thank you for the reminder!
    Greetings to Alex!

  2. Well, it will do it good! I am an unsure pruner! In other words... haven't got a clue! suzie xxx

  3. Ohhh my garden needs some prunign and tidying up, just got to find the time - fancy a trip to Nottinghamshire? LOL :)


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