Sunday, 28 March 2010

Muesli Biscuits..........again!

Thing is I don't like muesli as a cereal,
I think is has something do with eating raw porridge!
But, I love these, and make them often.

The recipe is here and they are so simple, quick and easy to make!

I made eight but could only fit six in the tin,
so we had to eat two for elevenses!
I decided I didn't like the Scissor Keeper I made Friday.
I redrew the pattern and made it slightly larger and simpler.
The new style can be found here


  1. Your muesli biscuits are delicious! I made them the first time you posted the recipe and now they are one of my favourite biscuit recipes. x

  2. Gorgeous! I will try the recipe! I tend to stick to my faves as I know they work but yours look scrummy!

  3. That looks like a splendiferous way to eat muesli! suzie xxx

  4. oh my days yummy- what delights!!!
    bet they didnt last long- well they wouldnt in my kitchen hehe
    would u like me to send the surprise parcel off this week? xxxx

  5. i like your scissor keeper! fliss xx

  6. More delicious looking food... right up my street... must have a go at those

  7. Hmmmm... I can almost smell them.

  8. There is nothing quite like homemade biscuits, I can imagine the lovely scent in the kitchen as they baked.

    Have a lovely Easter

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x


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