Saturday, 13 March 2010

Cheese Toastie!

This is just an ordinary Cheese Toastie! I don't own a sandwich toaster anymore. We have had two in the past years but never really got on with them! This is how I make Cheese Toasties........

Take four slices of bread - wholemeal or white it doesn't matter!
Place two slices on the grill pan
Grate any cheese, whatever you prefer
Grate a little pepper, and sprinkle with a few Italian Herbs
Not too much Pepper and Herbs just enough to taste
Add a couple of slices of tomato on each (optional)

Grill until the cheese has melted but try not to let it go brown
Needs to be sticky

Place the other two slices of bread on the top
and carefully brown under the grill on both sides


At the moment I am listening to my charity shop find. I remember I was first introduced to this when I was in music lessons in school in about 1970. We were taught the different types of music, like Country, Rock n' Roll, a Jazz piece and the piece with a French theme. I have always enjoyed this musical ever since. I have never seen it in on stage in London, but have always seen travelling productions last time about ten years ago in the theatre in Plymouth. Even the travelling shows are spectacular. I even introduced it to my husband to it who enjoys it too. We also have the DVD with Donny Osmond.
I also found this pretty book for Caitlin


  1. I love cheese on toast or toasted cheese sarnies.
    I did buy those toasted sandwich bags from Lakeland, a while ago and they work well for me!
    (But I do have a fantastic toaster,which helps!)
    One of my fave lunch time snacks!

  2. Hi, those pics made me feel hungry. I feel like making one straight away, but that's just not possible with my cooker. The grill is electric and takes so long to warm up, by the time it's ready to grill, you almost forget what you wanted it for! SueXX

  3. Yum Yum!!!
    happy Mother's day to you too


  4. Ofcourse you may enter my give away!

    I love cheese toasties!x

  5. your blog is just a dream of delicious sights! yummy toasty!
    love that book!!! isnt beatrix potters art a delight! ;0)
    last time i went to the plymouth theatre my mum got myself and twinny tickets for david essex's show the fair ground- it was really good! ;0)x

  6. Don't show me food - I'm starving!!
    I don't like toasters - another thing to pack away. The Aga is perfect for toasties.


  7. Hmmmmmmm.....cheese toasty. Aaaaaw I want one now!

  8. Oh , how I love cheese toasties! Yours looked double loaded with scrumptious cheese. Wheres mine?! I remember Joseph! DO you remember at a round that time...Godspell, our school took us to a production of it. while we were there I bought the LP! suzie. xxx

  9. Happy ninth birthday! Big hugs! xxx


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