Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday's Pudding

Thought we would have a pudding with lunch today.
It is quite unusal for us to have puddings,

but I thought I would make this
Marmalade Roll
From this book


  1. OOooh, that looks lovely - I've got that book too, so will have to try that.

  2. I love marmalade scrummy!xxx

  3. We don't usually have puddings as we're always too full up from the first course... but I have seen that book and like the look of it!!

  4. I bet it would be nice with custard on the top! x

  5. The book is fantastic, and your pudding too. It is lovely sometimes to have a pudding, brings back childhood memories! suzie. xxx

  6. Oh, I love traditional puddings, together with traditional cook books. I have a bit a of a cook book problem and you have piqued my interest with this one – not that I need much encouragement ;P

  7. Thank you for the comment.

    Your ripple looks fab :)

    And all that food has made me hungry! *runs to the fridge*

  8. Thanks for visiting me! Your secret is safe with me! ha ha! I would really like the Prof. Leyton! No one has taken the hint yet though, on birthdays etc.! You would think George would rush out and buy me new games often, as it actually keeps me quiet! Suzie xxx

  9. it looks lovely, how did it taste?

    thanks for your lovely comment about my neighbour hopefully things will improve, they already have a bit so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Fliss xx


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