Sunday, 21 March 2010

Show n' Tell!

Good afternoon, may I offer you a cup of tea,
I'll make coffee if you would like some.

or Iced Cup cakes, or both if your wish..........

I have created a new blog
it will just of pictures taken locally or days out

I designed and made this Housewife/Hussif.
Traditionally, a folding bag or roll taken by men going to war in 1914-18,
the Hussif is a useful way to keep all your sewing equipment at hand.
This Hussif has been designed to hold large dressmaking scissors
normally they only hold small scissors
I also made this Freeform felted brooch.
Both these items can be found here
I have a Paypal account
so if you wish to purchase anything just send me an email.


  1. Gosh Julie! What a super yummy afternoon at your place today!!!

  2. It looks like you have had a very busy weekend! Your cakes certainly make up for not baking on the last one!!! You had time to do crafty things too!!! x


    Jayne (sorry I could talk as my mouth was full of scone....)

  4. Love those yummies! The hussif is absolutely fab! suzie xxx

  5. Cup of tea for me please and one of those yummy looking scones!

  6. Yummy baking! Love the crafty things too.


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