Sunday, 11 October 2009

This and That........again!

I haven't really looked at the computer for a few days, I don't know why I haven't really done much since my last post. That post made me feel like the oldest blogger on the blogs! All of my four and fifty and a half years! I don't feel it though I do actually feel much younger! But, with that blog I would like to say that you all may have heard one of the Manfreds songs in recent years! "Handbags and Gladrags" The Stereophonics sang it as did Rod Stewart and it was used for the signature tune to Ricky Gervais' "The Office".

First of all I would like to thank Michela for my PIF gift.

I finished this cross stitch for a birthday present
for my boss Janet, she always said she liked it so I thought
I would surprise her - now I have to make it into a cushion!
It was taken from this book

Got my lamp from out of summer "hibernation" to help
me work on these dark nights.
It looks rather like "Pixar" don't you think
bought this material for my PIF gifts
I would also like to thank Gillian for being my third person

Started an Enid Blyton collection for Caitlin, I even
found my Noddy book "Noddy Goes to the Fair"
Found this book of Angels in a charity shop

Another charity shop find!
Something else for Caitlin -
for when we do messy things
at nanny's house!


  1. Love Caitlin's apron! It's so sweet! Have a good Sunday!
    ...I'm very curious to see your crochet angels, I've got a bell made with the same technique!

  2. You have received some lovely PIF goodies! Your cross-stitch is perfect. I have quite a few cross-stitch projects on the go and know how much time they take to do.x

  3. What lovely things, I really like the piece of fabric!
    My Aunt Suzy used to make crochet angels.
    I hope that you had a good weekend
    Isabelle x

  4. hi julie
    I'm happy you finally get the three lucky girls for the pif, will keep coming to see how it goes ;)
    have you seen my baby niece?
    his name is Bautista, is the name of john the baptist in spanish
    but we call him "chino" (chinese) because when he was born his eyes were like a thin line, he is so lovely!
    kisses for you

  5. Looks like a fab pif gift.. lucky you! What a shame the evenings are drawing in again and your lamp has to be retrieved... the cross stitch looks amazing!

  6. Hi Julie, your PIF gifts look lovely, the fabric looks very nice, as ever im running a bit behind with your pattern, im so sorry, had a bit of a manic few days! Im exhausted! fliss xx

  7. Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Fancy admitting to watching crackerjsck every day! ERhhh, so did I! I thought I was already following you, but apparently I wasn't, and wondered why your posts weren't showing on my google reader. Duh! not the sharpest tool in the box hey!!! I love all of your photos! Suzie. xxx Now I can keep up with you! x


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