Thursday, 29 October 2009

Just an ordinary week!

I hate the clocks going back and the in the summer going forward! When the clock goes back we are suppose to gain an hour! Where is it? I must have lost mine somewhere in the passing of time, I have been feeling so tired since Sunday! My get up and go has got up and gone! Does anyone else feel like this or am I going down with something but not sure what!

I hate doing the ironing at the best of times,
so occasionally I buy myself a new ironing board cover.
The last one didn't fit properly but I persevered
in the end got fed up putting the
ironing board cover on properly!

Saw this one while doing the shop - it says large on the bag,
it was sitting next to the large sized ironing boards Tescos sell
I assumed it would fit my ironing board

But Nooooooooooo!
It doesn't fit! It is actually one centimetre too small
I have made up my mind I'm taking it back!

I consoled myself I bought one of these from Lakeland

......and made some of these!

I saw these sweet pink pyjamas for Caitlin
Message to self - must chant
I Must Not Buy Caitlin Anymore Christmas Presents!

Thought I would show you my Cath Kidston
I now know how the "bag lady" feels
but I would like to thank my friend Denise for
the Pin Cushion and Needle Case.


  1. Hi Julie, Thankyou for the lovely award. I have just sent out my nominations. Enjoy your afternoon :)

  2. I have felt more tired since gaining the extra hour too!!! I always buy elasticated ironing board covers rather than the tie on ones and they seem to fit ok. I think your little grandaughter is going to be very spoilt this Christmas!

  3. Such lovely and yummy treats! Happy ironing!

  4. I have lost several hours somewhere, maybe even months! Love that tin! Suzie. x

  5. It takes quite some to adjust to the time change doesn't it? I'm pleased it was in half term though as it makes it a bit easier.
    The dogs weren't happy though as their body clocks were telling them it was dinner time an hour earlier so I had to feed them a bit later each day until they caught up!



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