Sunday, 18 October 2009


.........I arose a little after 8.30ish,
first thing I did was set up the ironing board!
While the iron was warming I had breakfast!

Did about one hours ironing!

Then went into the garden to start pruning!
Warning never let me loose with loppers or secateurs!

Because this is what happens!

It was one of the above!
I just thought I would prune every few days.
I started now because I end up doing it next March
when I should really be planting other things.

While waiting for the kettle to boil I thought I would

sort material for my next quilt project,
this first bit needs to be hand pieced.
Whilst sorting I found the ideal material for the lining
for my PIF gifts so I can start that too!
While on tea break I did a bit of this!
and after quick lunch I
restrung the second string of beads this week!
I charge £7.50 per string but this particular lady
asked if she could have knots between I said the
price would be £15 she said she would have seed beads
instead so I was pleased!

I also finished this
Now I'm going to sit down and have another cuppa and watch a film!
And start one for the projects from above!


  1. Today I've enjoyed watching at the window my mum while she was pruning..he he!
    What lucky PIF takers you have!
    Enjoy your cuppa..I'm having BBQ in a while!

  2. Ironing...eeekkk!

    Love the pearls and and the very delicate looking scarf you're making...beautiful!xxx

  3. Hello! I really do not like ironing! Love the scarf, its gorgeous! I have an award for you over on my blog! Suzie. xxx

  4. My goodness!!! You do pack it all in!!!x


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