Sunday, 11 January 2009

Everything is back to normal!

The second weekend in January and everything is back to normal! The usual Tesco trip was done yesterday. No getting away from it we have to eat! We woke up this morning to this pinkish sky!

Today I was going to prune the shrubs but decided it was actually too early in the year to start doing that, I'll leave it for a couple of weeks and hope the rain doesn't stop me before the buds start shooting! I don't gently prune I destroy! I take the shrubs down to ground level and then hope they grow again...............they usually do!
This evening after late lunch, early dinner we watched this.................

I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it after all the hipe! But I actually put my glasses on and enjoyed every possible moment of it. I would normally knit, crochet or even sew whilst watching a film so I didn't drop off to sleep but this film lived up to all the hipe, it was very very good, excellent in fact!


  1. I loved Mamma Mia too. It made me smile with the enthusiasm of the characters.

  2. Oh Julie I'm made up that you enjoyed it, it was a bit of a damp squid in this house with blokes and a demented grandma.
    Did you sing along?
    I don't do pruning, but we're just off to the allotment to see how dowdy it looks in it's January fashion.


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