Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Cycle Starts Again....................

Hope everybody in blogland has a good Christmas. Ours was quiet.

Christmas Eve I spent cooking I took the Tuesday off work because I needed to catch up with cleaning because I had the cold/flu thing before Christmas. So Christmas eve spent making sausage rolls and mince pies and.............marzipan and icing the cake! You know little things but they take all day! Peter collected Robert from Bristol and they both arrived about nine in the evening then promptly went out again! They both came without their partners who went off to see their respective parents. Christmas day was just Sunday lunch with a cracker! As heard on the television the morning before, and ours was. We opened presents in the afternoon and then watched the two Wallace and Gromit films. Boxing day Peter went about eleven as he had to be at work. Anneka arrived to pick Robert up about six, she went to see her parents in Derbyshire then drove all the way to here and then drove back to Bristol.
Michael and Lizzie were suppose to come on Saturday but cancelled because they had been partying the night before and asked if they could come Sunday. Michael rang Sunday to say he was just leaving and he would be on his own, knowing Michael I knew he would want to go as soon as he arrived so I suggested they both come the following Saturday 3rd January. In the meantime I had to cancel David and Jane because they were due to come Sunday. Monday was quiet, Tuesday was quiet but we did venture out for a breath of fresh air and did some shopping. Tuesday evening we went Neil's, and was entertained with listening to obscure 78 records and actually it was quite interesting.

Wednesday afternoon David and Jane came just for tea and cake. Made some scones which we had with jam and cream, and Christmas cake.

Today being the 1st January, we take down the Christmas decorations. We have always done that so as to start New Year afresh. Now the cycle starts again! New Year, Easter, Summer, Christmas........................

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  1. kc!
    my far away blog friend :D
    hope that the new year comes full of surprises and good moments for you, and to share with your friends and family
    big big hug from argentina, thinking of you!


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