Monday, 20 October 2008

Let's make some flowers..............

Knitted Flower
I have put the patterns below for anyone to use,
but please only for personal use.
Please do not use it for commercial use.
4ply wool and 2.5 Knitting Needles
Abbrieviations - K = Knit, P = Purl, YON = Yarn Over Needle,
K2Tog = Knit Two Together
Cast on one stitch
Row 1 - K1, P1, K1 into same stitch (3 Stitches)
Row 2 - and every other row purl or knit
(I purled as in picture above)
Row 3 - K1, YON, K1, YON, K1 (5 Stitches)
Row 5 - K2, YON, K1, YON, K2 (7 Stitches)
Row 7 - K3, YON, K1, YON, K3 (9 Stitches)
Continue this way until 19 Stitches, knit row 2
Next row K2Tog at each end of row, knit row 2
Continue this way until 3 stitches are left on needle, knit row 2,
Next row K2Tog K1,
Next row Knit K2Tog
Make five petals

Crochet Flower

4ply wool and 4mm Crochet Hook
Abbreviations - DC = double crochet, DTreble = Double Treble (Made as follows, yarn over hook twice put hook through loop yarn over hook once, pull back through loop, *yarn over hook pull through two loops, *repeat twice more)
Make 8 chain and join into ring with slip stitch
Round 1 - 6 chain, 1 double into ring, *5chain, one DC into ring. Repeat from * until 20 loops, join with slip stitch.
Round 2 - 5 chain, 9 DTrebles into first loop, *10 DTrebles into next loop. *repeat 18 more times, join with slip stitch
These can be turned into brooches.
Most craft shop sell brooch backs

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