Sunday, 19 October 2008

I'm back blogging!

Thanks to number one son the computer has revived! It "just" needed a 30 minute phone call with Alex being given line by line instructions in DOS (remember that!) to sort it out. Apparently the problem was caused by it not shutting down completely or some such. All very technical, but it sorted out the problem thank goodness.

Today although the grass being quite damp
we thought we would cut it so it wouldn't
get too long during winter.
We may even get another cut in before the winter sets in!


Me thinks a diet is sheduled!

Alex decided to help me

sometimes I grass cut on my own,

whichever way it takes about an hour to

cut the back lawn

Number three son brought these large pots home from work for me.

He thought I might like them - of course I like them!

I think I might grow vegetables in them next year!

Comes to something when you have to weed the compost bag!

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